Paving the way towards the next generation of R&I excellence in AI, Data and Robotics

ADRA-e Webinar_Oct 2022

Artificial intelligence, data and robotics are at the core of the ongoing digital transformation of Europe. Over the last years, Europe has increased its effort to drive innovation, acceptance and uptake of these technologies through the Horizon Europe programme. With more than 40 newly funded projects under the programme, Europe made large-scale investments in R&I for the development and deployment of trustworthy, safe and robust AI, Data and Robotics, compatible with EU values and regulations.

The Adra-e and AI4Europe Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) are co-organising this webinar to introduce and take stock of the newly funded R&I landscape and to identify common themes and challenges for future activities and collaboration with AI-on-demand Platform.

A strong EC presence, and key talks from representatives of the two host CSAs, Adra association, and the European Digital Innovation Hubs, the aim of the event is to ensure all the newly funded projects are introduced. There will be opportunities for all projects to have their say through a two-minute pitch video presentation and be included in a joint catalogue to be disseminated both online and offline.

Who should attend and why?

The webinar is open to all actors involved in AI, Data and Robotics communities including research organisations, associations linked to ADR technologies, developers and domain experts, Governments & Policy Makers, citizens and civil society.


Registration is free of charge but mandatory. Please reserve your seat.

Check out the full programme and registration here.