“Cyber-Security for Power Systems” by Martin Higgins

Online SWForum Blog: Cyber-Security for Power Systems

Cybersecurity is critical for modern technology, especially power systems. Cyber-attacks pose a risk to the reliability and security of the power grid, leading to blackouts, financial losses, and the theft of sensitive information. To mitigate these risks, it's important to understand the cybersecurity concerns for power systems and develop effective measures against cyber-attacks.

Are you interested in learning about the potential risks and challenges of cyber security in power systems? Do you want to understand how cyberattacks can impact power systems and the importance of protecting them from cyber threats?

Our blog post, "Cyber Security in Power Systems”, published by Martin Higgins from University of Oxford, explores these topics and more. But we want to hear from you too! We value your feedback and thoughts on this important issue. 

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