Open Source Tech in Europe: Key Insights and Recommendations

Post Webinar Report

A joint report entitled "Leveraging Open Source Technologies for Better Services in the European Software Ecosystem" has just been published by, FASTEN, FogProtect, PolicyCLOUD, and and summarizes the key insights and recommendations discussed during the webinar as regards the contribution of software and the software-based services (SSBS) industry to the EU economy.

The report comes as an output of the expert briefing on the use of open source technologies to improve services in the European software ecosystem, summarizing the key insights and recommendations discussed during the webinar. The joint webinar held on 10 October 2022 entitled " Webinar: Leveraging open source technologies for Better Services in the European Software Ecosystems" together with the five European-funded projects, aimed to showcase the technical achievements of various projects, discuss the potential impact of open source software, and explore key challenges in this domain. The event brought together policymakers and members of the open source software community from a variety of industrial, commercial, and public entities.

Included in the report is an overview of the webinar, as well as relevant links to the recording and slides. It also includes a comprehensive summary of the audience questions and panellist responses from the Q&A and panel discussions, as well as some important statistics about the audience demographics for the webinar.

The recommendations proposed cover open source, software technology, policy, and open standards.

Read the report here, or you can find the recording and presentations here.