"Post Quantum Encryption" by Martin Higgins

Online SWForum Blog: Post Quantum Encryption

As the field of quantum computing continues to advance, concerns have grown about the vulnerability of traditional encryption methods to quantum attacks. 

Read the new fellow blog post published by Martin Higgins. The blog post "Post-Quantum Encryption: Protecting Data in a Quantum World" discusses the importance of post-quantum encryption in the face of the rapidly advancing field of quantum computing.

Post-quantum cryptography is an important area of research because it is essential to protect sensitive data against future quantum attacks. As quantum computing continues to advance, it is important to ensure that cryptographic systems are updated to remain secure.” Martin Higgins

Discover the need for continued research and development in the field of post-quantum encryption, as well as the need for collaboration between industry, academia, and government to ensure the security of our data in a quantum world.

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