SWForum.eu Launches New Website

swforum.eu website

Today SWForum.eu has launched its new website, taking the first step in realising a self-sustainable forum of researchers and practitioners in software technologies, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity. The main features are the Online SW Forum and the Research Hub. There is also information about SWForum.eu and the project consortium. An events section holds events organised by SWForum.eu as well as those hosted by projects who are part of the Research Hub. Lastly, there is a section hosting various forms of outreach such as news, publications, press, as well as videos and podcasts.

The new web platform includes a customised implementation of Trust-IT's TRUST-FORUM+, a commercial solution that provides the functionality-rich, interactive environment for members of a given community. Users will be able to start new discussions and comment on those started by others according to topic. This instrument is facilitating the conversation and cross-fertilisation of European experts with different competencies in the software technology, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity sectors.

The Research Hub is an essential part of SWForum.eu, providing a centralised web space where all European projects in software technologies, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity can be found. It will also include the Project Radar, soon to be released. Each of these projects can manage their own page, adding information and results. They can also publish news and events on the site. Every week a project is highlighted on the homepage as “Project of the Week.”

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About SWForum.eu

SWForum.eu is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Union which aims to enhance the visibility and increase the competitiveness of research and innovation in the field of software technologies, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity, especially European funded Research and Innovation Action (RIA) projects. Moreover, the project aims to introduce best practices and technology transfer opportunities to cross-synergise European excellence. The Consortium delivering the project includes Tecnalia (coordinator), Politecnico di Milano, University of Oxford, Conceptivity, and Trust-IT.