Video Interviews

In order to share more about the project with you, we prepared short video interviews from our partners showcasing the mission , goals and future assets of the project. You can find all the videos on this Playlist.

  • Video interview with Leire Orue-Echevarria, Project Coordinator at TECNALIA, provides an overview of the project, its mission and goals.


  • Video interview with Elisabetta Di Nitto, WP2 leader at Polytechnico di Milano, shares with us what is the Online SW Forum platform and it's impact to the EU software research community.

  • Video interview with Michel Drescher, WP2 task leader at Oxford University, explains what is the Project Radar and its importance.

  • Video interview with Juncal Alonso Ibarra, WP3 leader at TECNALIA, explains what is Experts Forum Platform and its importance

  • Video interview with Mark Miller, WP3 task leader at Conceptivity, shares with us what is the Research and Innovation RoadMap and why is it important.

  • Video interview with John Favaro, WP4 leader at Trust-IT Services, explains how will support the European software and open source activities.