The brand new Adra-e project will actively support the ADR Partnership in order to engage in an all-inclusive dialogue with the actors involved in the ADR ecosystem, mobilising cross-border and cross-sector collaboration in order to create the conditions for a sustainable, effective, multi-layered, comprehensive, and coherent European AI, Data and Robotics ecosystem.

The Adra-e aims to:

  • Deliver a multi-stakeholder dialogue through cross-discipline and cross-community convergence events and activities, ultimately defining and contributing to the update and implementation of the Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda.
  • Map the ADR landscape and infrastructures to understand the state of the art of European innovation in ADR.
  • Stimulate the onboarding of new technologies to alleviate roadblocks via cross-European collaboration.
  • Raise awareness of the acceptability and trustworthiness of ADR for citizens, businesses, public administrators, and educators.
  • Increase innovation capacity and adoption of core ADR technology with applications between regions and specialised communities.
  • Support the development of standards and regulations maintaining European technological sovereignty.

Adra-e will form close ties with other initiatives in the ADR ecosystem including the ADR Partnership,Adra and its founding organisations BDVA, CLAIRE, ELLIS, EurAI and EuRobotics, and the CSA project AI4Europe. 

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