CHARITY project - Webinar #1: The Next Step Towards Immersive Communication

CHARITY project - Webinar #1: The Next Step Towards Immersive Communication

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Advanced media applications enabling immersive communication are becoming ubiquitous in our lives. There is a global trend to adopt virtual solutions, e.g. Virtual Reality or Holography, to support day-to-day business operations, social events, and general lifestyle. The current pandemic and the corresponding shift from physical to virtual communication highlight impressively what benefits we could gain from such immersive communications, but also how much effort is still needed to make them an everyday life service for everyone. The requirements for the computing platform and the underlying network are extreme and not easily achievable with today’s technologies.

The CHARITY project has set off to address this challenge and to develop a complete framework that will meet the requirements of such applications. In this way, the CHARITY project is a major step towards achieving immersive communication. We have an excellent consortium of 15 organisations from 10 European countries ready to make it happen.

On 30 November at 14.30 CET, CHARITY team is inviting you to join their first webinar to share your views and stay at the forefront of novel communication applications based on XR and holography!

The webinar will start with a short introduction to the CHARITY project by Uwe Herzog from Eurescom, the project coordinator. Then we'll dive into CHARITY's architecture and its key components, presented by Tarik Taleb from ICT-Ficial, the technical coordinator. Later two Use Case Scenarios will explain how the CHARITY platform can leverage existing and create novel business opportunities for European companies by providing highly immersive communication applications for European Citizens. First, Antonis Protopsaltis from OramaVR will give some insights about their VR Medical Training Use Case. Then, Zbyszek Ledwoń from Orbital Knight will discuss their Collaborative Gaming Use Case. Fermin Calvo from Plexus will moderate all the webinar and discussion.

Visit the official webinar page to register for free and see the full program: https://charity-project-webinar-1.eventbrite.com