EVOLVE is a pan European Innovation Action with 19 key partners from 11 European countries introducing important elements of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud in Big Data platforms taking advantage of recent technological advancements to enable cost-effective applications in 7 different pilots to keep up with the unprecedented data growth we are experiencing. EVOLVE aims to build a large-scale testbed by integrating technology from:

  • The HPC world: An advanced computing platform with HPC features and systems software. • The Big Data world: A versatile big-data processing stack for end-to-end workflows.
  • The Cloud world: Ease of deployment, access, and use in a shared manner, while addressing data protection.  EVOLVE aims to take concrete and decisive steps in bringing together the Big Data, HPC, and Cloud worlds, and to increase the ability to extract value from massive and demanding datasets.

EVOLVE aims to bring the following benefits for processing large and demanding datasets:

  • Performance: Reduced turn-around time for domain experts, industry (large and SMEs), and end-users.
  • Experts: Increased productivity when designing new products and services, by processing large datasets.
  • Businesses: Reduced capital and operational costs for acquiring and maintaining computing infrastructure.
  • Society: Accelerated innovation via faster design and deployment of innovative services that unleash creativity.

EVOLVE intends to build and demonstrate the proposed testbed with real-life, massive datasets from demanding application areas. To realize this vision, EVOLVE brings together technology and pilot partners from EU industry with demonstrated experience, established markets, and vested interest. Furthermore EVOLVE will conduct a set of 10-15 Proofs-of-Concept with stakeholders from the Big Data value chain to build up digital ecosystems to achieve broader market penetration.