ONTOCHAIN applications are open - Grants up to €145k, free coaching and access to top infrastructure


The EU-funded project ONTOCHAIN is calling internet innovators to apply for its second open call and co-develop a new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable, and transparent ontological knowledge management.

A total budget of € 1.320.000 is available to support the best proposals. Participants will get grants up to €145k (equity-free funding), free coaching and free access to top infrastructure (iExec and MyIntelliPatent).

Through ONTOCHAIN Open Call 1, 17 teams of high-level innovators got the opportunity to specify the core design aspects of the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem, which will be implemented by the teams selected in Open Call 2. Reaching this second stage of the ONTOCHAIN project cannot be more exciting, as we will see now the ecosystem growing and taking its concrete shape, for enabling trustworthy content and trustworthy information handling in the Next Generation Internet.
We expect that Open Call 2 selected applicants will take over with the same enthusiasm as all the stakeholders so far involved and make a brilliant contribution to enable a more distributed and transparent internet.
“ Caroline Barelle, ONTOCHAIN Coordinator.

How it works?

Applicants have to submit a proposal under one of the following topics:

  • Decentralized oracles for ONTOCHAIN
  • Market mechanisms for ONTOCHAIN
  • ONTOCHAIN interoperability & API Gateways
  • ONTOCHAIN Network Design and scalability
  • Semantic-based marketplaces for ONTOCHAIN
  • Data Provenance in ONTOCHAIN

Proposals on different topics are also considered, as long as they serve as a building block of the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, and contribute to the overall ONTOCHAIN objective:

“Develop scalable blockchain, decentralized reputation systems and semantic web technologies, in order to achieve trustworthy content handling and information exchange as well as trustworthy service exchange in the next generation Internet/social networks for vital sectors of the European economy.”

Up to 12 projects will be selected to join an up to 10-month supporting programme.


How to apply?

Applications are open on F6S until the 15th of September 2021, at 17:00 CEST:

For more information about the ONTOCHAIN open call go to