Joint Recommendation Report Released: DevOps Innovation in Practice for New Applications

Report - DevOps Innovation in Practice: New Lifecycle Processes, New Applications has released the joint recommendation report from its third and final webinar series on "DevOps Innovation in Practice: New Lifecycle Processes, New Applications", which was held on 20 April 2023, in collaboration with COSMOS, DESTINI, VeriDevOps, PIACERE projects, and

Download the full report here!

The joint report showcases innovation in DevOps lifecycle processes, practices, and culture in response to the evolving demands of software development. This highlighted the latest advancements in DevOps for advanced software systems, with a focus on outcomes from EU-funded projects, providing an overview of innovative practices and outcomes in DevOps.

This webinar provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange and exploration of the latest developments in the field of DevOps and managed to gather 35 live participants from 12 countries across the globe: 9 EU Member States and 3 Non-EU/global The majority of them were from EC-funded H2020 and Horizon Europe projects with interest in standardisation (44%), followed by Software Engineering Experts (25%), SME and Large enterprises (16%), Software technology and digital infrastructure communities (13%), and Policy and decision makers (3%).

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the practical applications and benefits of DevOps in software development.

Read the report here, and access the complete speaker presentations and video recordings of the full session at the page.

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