(“The European watch on cybersecurity & privacy”) is the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, funded under the European Commission's H2020 programme. It addresses the DS-05 call by defining and promoting a pragmatic approach to implement and maintain a Project Hub to monitor R&I initiatives on cybersecurity and privacy for EU, National and Associated Countries projects.

The project introduced the European Project Radar, a unique and single entry point for updated information on EU R&I projects and where they sit in the European cybersecurity and privacy landscape.

It also contributes to making the Digital Single Market a safer place by promoting the uptake and understanding of cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy services that emerge from Research and Innovation initiatives across Europe through the cybersecurity & privacy Marketplace.

How is helping EU cybersecurity and privacy R&I projects, as a Communication Support Action (CSA) for Unit H1 DG Connect, launched the’s “Project of the Week” programme which promotes the European Commission funded project, their results, outputs and news and as a result, increase the project visibility to the Cyberwatching community and European Commission and other affiliations.

Being featured as "Project of the Week" will also allow the R&I project to strengthen further synergies which include:

  • Mapping your project in our EU Project Radar;
  • Supporting thematic clustering and collaboration activities with similar projects;
  • Helping you assess your Market and Technology Readiness Level (MTRL);
  • Offering exploitation opportunities of results through our EU-wide Marketplace;
  • Participating in various workshops and webinars organised by to encourage clustering, collaboration and promoting project outputs. This includes an annual Concertation meeting organised for all projects in the Cybersecurity unit.

If you would like to become "Project of the Week" just follow the steps below:

  • Have someone from your project create and manage your project dedicated page on the's Project Hub. Preferably, this should be either the project dissemination manager or similar. More than one person can sign up and contribute to your project and they will appear as the "contact point".
  • Contact Team at asking to join the "Project of the Week" programme.
  • If your project is already in the European Project Radar, make sure to update your status and ranking by answering the MTRL assessment form sent by the Cyberwatching team. You can request the form by contacting us at info@cyberwatching,eu.

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