CTO for WeBuust - Significant equity compensation

About the role on offer:

We are looking for an experienced software developer, who will both write code and own the development roadmap and technology choices of WeBuust going forward. The position offers significant equity compensation for a multi-year engagement as a WeBuust core team member (CTO) among other WeBuust owners. Passion and willingness for writing code is a must, as is a clear view for designing and planning of platform architecture.

CONTACT: info@webuust.com

About WeBuust:

WeBuust is a for-profit impact venture in the field of entrepreneurship capacity building, startup and MSME acceleration, investment, and financing. In the core of our operation is our WeBuust platform.

Our mission is to democratise entrepreneurship globally and offer everyone the opportunity to try and build a career and succeed through entrepreneurship, independent of their educational background, access to networks and their socio-economic status. This is a multi trillion euro space.

Through enabling entrepreneurship also in developing regions, we help people and communities help themselves with dignity, boosting their self-esteem, unleashing their innovation potential and allowing them to create better lives for themselves and their families and communities. We adhere and contribute to the attainment of multiple SDGs.


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CTO as a service

Perhaps you can help me. I am looking for CTO service. I am considering Cleveroad, I heard good reviews about it, but I want to look at other companies too.